Cape Town Weather and Wedding Planning

Cape Town Weather: What You Need to Know When Planning Your Wedding.

Cape Town Wedding Planner Tips: The Weather in Cape Town When Planning Your Wedding

The moment you get engaged the world (including social media) will start asking almost immediately “when is the wedding date?” Your response; start with a range of dates that you have in mind. 

  • Do you want a summer or winter wedding?
  • What months are best to consider in Cape Town?
  • What is the weather like?
  • When are the school holidays?

Keep in mind important occasions that could be taking place between those months and try to avoid these dates. The last thing you want is a very important rugby game, or Taylor Swift deciding to grace Cape Town with her presence on the day of your wedding!

Most importantly you want to consider the weather in Cape Town when planning your wedding. 

The weather in cape town and things to consider

The most popular time to get married in Cape Town is between September and May. Why, well it’s summer and the most predictable few months in terms of the weather.

  • Summer months: January – March/ September – December.
  • Winter months: April – August
While the winter months are less predictable, we do still have hot days in winter and freezing days in Summer. We also have the South Easter winds that we have a love-hate relationship with. They keep our air clean, but they are such a pain for an outdorr wedding. 
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Consider a Wedding in Summer in Cape Town

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If you are considering a summer wedding, I suggest that you look for dates at the beginning of the year between March and May.

That is because these months have some of the best warmer weather days, but normally not a scorcher either. In May you do run the ‘risk’ of a bit of rain, but the weather is usually great.

The most beautiful days in Cape Town are warm winter days, but you have a much higher chance of it raining on your wedding day.

Consider a Wedding in Winter in Cape Town

Winter weddings are becoming more and more popular in Cape Town and I could not be happier!

There is just something so romantic about the rain together with the warmth of a fire and your loved ones.

Many suppliers also offer reduced rates during the winter months, which is a bonus for a cost-effective approach.

Here you would look for dates between April to August, but make sure you want a wedding indoors as it is not worth the risk to your sanity to worry about the rain before your wedding date. Once the sun sets you certainly want to consider knee blankets, gas heaters, hot water bottles or even some sherry.

If you are ready to start planning a celebration of your own in Cape Town and not sure about the dates, the weather, or the risks? Click here to book a free chat with our Wedding Planners. 

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